You only have to look at those who like Moss Kena to know he exudes coolness. Want a list of people? You don't need one, see: Kendrick Lamar. A fan since Moss covered his track 'These Walls' 

Settled, then. Moss Kena is a soulful RnB singer blending his slick and gritty vocals with noughties pop beats, a sort of Justin Timberlake raised in sub-urban England, just sans Disney or the white suit. 

The feel for music came when he was five, where he began dancing and singing lessons. Which may seem like a great head start, but if you're counting 1-2-3-4 instead of 4-4-2, sometimes the toxic-masculine school world can be a difficult place to navigate. So he fled, and immersed himself in his passions, which are refined both on and off stage... 

What watch do you wear on a day-today basis?

In all honesty I never wear a watch. Simply because I’m holding out for the right one: A Rolex – and I'll be treating myself to it if I get a number one. 

What was the most influential outfit you've seen, and who wore it?

James deans’ iconic white t-shirt look. So simple but so iconic... couple that with jeans and a bomber jacket, and you literally cannot look bad. A classic. 

Are there any items that you are particularly hankering after at the moment?

I’m absolutely after a Louis Vuitton Avenue Sling bag.

What are your current favourite items of clothing or accessories?

I’m obsessed with tiny sunglasses right now. Obsessed. 

When you go on holiday, what items do you have to take with you and why?

A selection of revere collar shirts, I love the look. I usually pair them with some swim shorts, something very light and easy for the warmer climates that I holiday in. 

Is there an item you thew away – or lost – that now you really miss?

Someone stole my Armani sunglasses in wholefoods once, I’m still not over it.

Is there a place or experience in London that you want to check out? 

I’ve not been to The Box club in Soho yet. I keep hearing that's a really good night out. 

What’s your ideal next job/collaboration?

I’d love to collaborate with the artist H.E.R she’s amazing.

What experiences do you most want to do before you die?

Before I die, I want to have done a sold out, world-wide Arena tour.

... and going into space would also be pretty dope. 

You can listen to the latest Moss Kena release here