On my wrist

I have a vintage 1970s Cartier Vendome, which was a special gift from my grandfather. I really treasure it – and only wear it when I want to look more polished and elegant. It’s definitely not to be worn on any boozy nights out in Dalston or anywhere that I might lose it; I’m prone to losing stuff.

In my sights

I’m going through this weird cowboy phase at the moment – I literally can’t get enough cowboy shirts and neck scarfs. You’ll be pleased to know I haven’t moved onto chaps just yet, but I’ll keep you posted.

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In my wardrobe

In the evening, I’m totally digging double-breasted jackets right now. I like my tailoring on the tight size to give me a super-sharp silhouette. I’ve been watching a lot of The Crown and my new style inspo is the Duke of Windsor – he was so dapper. I just had a suit made for me by my friend Patrick Grant, and I love it so much that I refuse to take it off.

On my travels

I have to remember very high factor sun cream (I’m practically albino); a good trilby; a great book (I like a biography); leather espadrilles; and a disposable camera. Film cameras are always so much fun to get developed when you get home. They’re a great way of reminding me of moments from my holiday I may have (sometimes conveniently) forgotten.

In my dreams

Obviously my first priority would be treating my friends. But then, when I was done with all that do-gooding (it wouldn’t last long), maybe I’d buy a vintage car as a treat to myself. An old Aston Martin or a 1960s Porsche. I’m spending more time in LA these days so a convertible would be perfect for trips to the beach.

On my radar

He’s not up and coming, but my god I want everything in Tom Ford right now – 1970s-style cropped suede jackets; studded cowboy shirts; and he really does do the best fragrances. Can someone sort me out with a discount card, though, because it’s kind of pricey?

In terms of newer designers, one of my favourite shows from Men’s Fashion Week was Alex Mullins. I love wearing his stuff, and his show was on point. Oh and I love my mates Edie Campbell and Christabel McGreevey’s brand Itchy Scratchy Patchy. They are queens of the beret.

I’d love to be invited to Mick Jagger’s next Christmas party because I’ve heard they’re major.

In my past

I am a serial sunglasses loser. Is that a thing? I’ve bought so many fantastic pairs over the years, but they all seem to magically disappear. I remember buying the perfect pair from Retrosuperfuture in Paris (check them out) and by the time I got off the Eurostar they were gone! Now I stockpile good shades knowing that they may not last forever. Nineties vintage vibes are my favourite.

On my agenda

I’d love to be invited to Mick Jagger’s next Christmas party because I’ve heard they’re major. And I’d like Meghan Markle and Prince Harry to have me over for dinner. I’d be extremely interested to see what they’re like together. And maybe I’ll get a last-minute invite to the wedding. I’m great on a dance floor so it’s in their interest.

In my future

I’m really keen to work with Vanity Fair. I’ve hosted a lot of videos for other magazines, and VF is definitely one I’ve got my eye on for the future. I’ve also just finished shooting a celebrity chat show series where I interview actors, designers and people of interest.

On my bucket list

This year one of my extra goals it to do more charity work overseas. I spend a lot of time focusing my energy towards TV, fashion and video projects and I’m keen to get out of this bubble a little more. Perspective on life is important and of course it would be great to help some brilliant charities at the same time. ■

Fletcher’s chat show Getting Ready With is coming soon to heyfletcher.com.

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