On my wrist

I’ve always loved Breitling. They are designed in a bold and classy way. That’s probably the dream watch!

In my sights

I’d love the first of Virgil Abloh’s Off White x Air Jordan 1 collaboration. For me these are one of the best trainers ever made. EVER! The design, the stitching, the colours, the branding, the shape. Everything about this trainer is special. However, that also comes with them being very rare and very difficult to obtain.

In my wardrobe

Well, I love my jackets, coats and my trainers. Living in the London winter, I find the jacket informs the top half of the outfit and the creps (trainers) are always the first thing people see on the bottom half. My favourite jacket is a huge long puffer jacket which can be mistaken for a duvet. It’s navy blue with white lines going horizontally and vertically across each other. It’s perfect for the winter.

I love Nike Air Jordans and my favourite would have to be the Jordan 3’s Black Cement. They’ve just been re-released and Michael Jordan wore them 30 years ago for one of his most famous NBA All Star games. One of the true classics from the Jordan range.

I need to jump out of a plane! Something I’ve always wanted to do but it’s never come to fruition. All my friends are too scared

On my radar

I think we’re in an exciting generation for designers because people are being more bold and trying new things. I think Balenciaga has had a great few years with its clothing, Nike Air Jordan’s are releasing some of the best trainers in the game and re-releasing classics from years back, and finally my friend Danielle Weinberg’s clothing brand ‘Sorry’ (Sorry not sorry) based in Tel Aviv, Israel is a really unique brand with some stylish and potent designs. Watch out for that one and check them out; I think it’s going to blow up.

On my agenda

I’ve never seen a competitive football match at Wembley stadium. I think the England friendly matches can be quite boring and don’t have you on the edge of your seat the same way a premier league match does. So it’d be nice to see a competitive match there.

In my future

I’m just about to finish a five month run at the National Theatre so getting back in front of the camera would be ideal. A film or TV series with a great script, cast and crew, and an interesting character with depth and structure would be lovely.

On my bucket list

Skydive! I need to jump out of a plane! Something I’ve always wanted to do but it’s never come to fruition. All my friends are too scared. I might just have to do it on my own.

Charles Babalola stars in Mary Magdalene opposite Joaquin Phoenix, Rooney Mara and Chiwetel Ejiofor.