On my wrist

I wouldn't mind a Rolex, but for now I just have a look at my iPhone.

In my sights

It'd be so cool to have those self-lacing sneakers from 'Back To The Future' and also that hover board to be honest.

In my wardrobe

I have a vintage black leather jacket from the 80s that I bought in LA at a second hand store. I think I must have gotten it for less that a third of its value. It definitely is my personal discovery of that year. It has a very distinct look, so I usually just wear it on stage for my shows.

On my travels

Books. I always try to bring as much literature as I can with me on my journeys. I somehow accumulate so many books on a monthly basis, which I then never end up reading, because I don't have the time. So usually my Bags are half shirts and half books.

Also, I bring my mic and my recording equipment with me whenever I can.

In my dreams

First, I'd make sure every member of my family gets a house and enough to live a good life. Then I'd invest in my music and projects as an artist and the rest would go into selected charities and real estate.

And I think I'd go crazy in Vegas for one night, just because.

In my past

I'm not a materialistic person, so I think everything I lost or gave away usually was meant to be gone.

On my agenda

Unfortunately Her Majesty The Queen has already postponed our tea party twice, but other that, I think I've seen everything there is to see.

In my future

I'd really love to work on a track together with Mark Ronson or Calvin Harris. That would be the dream.

On my bucket list

Play Wembley stadium and swim with the pigs on 'pig beach' in the Bahamas.

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