On my wrist

What watch do you wear on a day-to-day basis?

I go between an Apple watch and a Rolex. I’ve always loved the brand Rolex, and I bought it as a little celebration after my remix of Storm Queen went #1 in the UK. It's a reminder to keep on it and work hard, because time flies.

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In my sights

Are there any items that you are particularly hankering after at the moment?

I've recently been stopping into Supreme more - I love those red Supreme x Nike Airs, recently stocked up on a ton of Supreme hats, shirts and jackets. There’s also a few Chanel necklaces I’ve got my eye on.

In my wardrobe

What are your current favourite items of clothing or accessories?

Stone Island Blue Winter Sailor Peacoat: I love the fabric. I also have issues with length on some jackets since I'm tall, but it's a perfect fit.

Daniel Patrick yellow track pants: They're a great statement piece and really comfortable. Easy to wear on flights from gig to gig.

Calabasa Adidas sweatshirt: Another one I like for flying - it's comfortable but still looks good.

Balenciaga Speed Trainers: Have you seen them? They’re pretty cool and futuristic. And it's basically like walking on air.

On my travels

When you go on holiday, what items do you have to take with you and why?

Louis Vuitton suitcase: It's my bigger suitcase, and I definitely need the bigger one for family holidays.

Bose Headphones 35: They're good quality and you gotta have noise cancelling on flights!

Glamgow Mud Mask: With a crazy touring schedule, the only way to keep your skin looking good is to treat yourself.

Anker PowerPort Solar Lite: I've been trying out this solar charger, it's worked pretty well so far.

iPhone X: It's my favourite new toy, although I guess it's not only a holiday item - I bring it everywhere with me now.

In my dreams

If you had all the money you needed, what would you buy and why?

Bombardier Global 6000 aircraft: I travel so much internationally, it'd be nice to fly in my own plane! The 7000 comes out in 2018 and looks incredible.

A video arcade with 80s games: I currently have a big vintage collection, but if I had an entire video arcade – I guess I wouldn't need the plane anymore because I wouldn't leave the house.

In my past

Is there an item you threw away – or you lost – that now you really miss?

My Roland Jupiter 8 keyboard, it was a $10K investment. I have no idea where it went or if I lost it on a plane or moving houses. Pretty massive downer.

On my agenda

Is there a place or experience in London that you're interested in that you haven't had a chance to enjoy yet?

Usually when I'm out in London, I'm there for a show so I don't get to relax. But I want to go to some of the art galleries, trying to make time around my NYE show at Printworks London to go to Basquait's show at the Barbican.

In my future

What’s your ideal next job/collaboration?

I'd love to score a film. Specifically the next Star Wars. Hey Disney, you reading this?

On my bucket list

What experiences do you most want to do before you die?

Need to make some time to find the bucket.

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