On my wrist

I like a vintage Rolex. They just have that status – everyone wears a Rolex. My day-to-day watch is an Enicar Star Jewels. Other watches I like include the Patek Philippe Nautilus and the Jaeger LeCoultre Reverso.

In my sights

I am looking at ‘Egret in Rain’, a Japanese woodblock print published in 1928 by Ohara Koson. It shows a little egret (big bird) bent over as if to protect himself from a heavy downpour, his pure white form silhouetted against a jet-black sky. Also, I wouldn’t mind a daring purple Paul Smith suit.

In my wardrobe

My favourite items are a dark green suede Belstaff jacket – it’s classy, rich and functional – a shiny green kung fu shawl/sash that is so long you can wrap it ten times around, and custom shirts from ShirtByHand. I love loose shirts when I’m sailing; I’m a fan of that beautiful marina style. My kids do not always agree: what I find daring, they find too goofy.

On my travels

Frescobol. It’s a beach tennis set, but a really professional, good one, and I always take it on holiday. Clothing-wise, in my bag there are a few comfy sporty things, and a few formal dressy things. But the Frescobol, always.

In my past

It’s really bizarre – I bought my first snowboard when I was 15. It was my first time skiing, my first time to the snow, I bought a snowboard and I lost it. But where? How can you lose a snowboard? It’s bizarre! I put it in my room, and then one day it was gone.

If I had £300bn, I would definitely try and make sure everyone had their basic needs

On my agenda

That’s an interesting question. Maybe the National Portrait Gallery, I’ve never been there and I would like to see that. Otherwise I like exploring a city not knowing what to expect. Even though when I go with my wife to a city, I always say, ‘why aren’t we doing this? Let’s visit a museum, go there, make a plan!’

On my radar

Parley, an organisation dedicated to raising global awareness of our environment, especially the ocean. They partner up with all kinds of organisations to clean up and innovate new ways of sustaining a global pursuit of happiness. I am waiting for their call and would love to get involved with them. Also, Vollebak: a brand that creates exciting garments using science and technology. It makes the future of clothing happen faster.

In my dreams

That’s such a relative question – if I had £20m what would I do? Or £300bn? If I had £300bn, I would definitely try and make sure everyone had their basic needs, so nobody needed to fight for their water.

In my future

Something where I am going to discover more of the world. For instance, [British explorer] Levison Wood sparked something in me, because what he’s done is exactly what I want to do. Products can be vehicles to tell a story about the world – I would definitely like to do a travel campaign with Montblanc.

On my bucket list

I would like to have a multiple orgasm. Women can have multiple types of orgasms. We as men; we have this outside thing, and it lasts three seconds! Sexual energy is a very strong medicine for our bodies. There is a way of extending my sex energy, and this is definitely on my bucket list.

Rein Lanegveld is the new face of Montblanc Explorer, available now at The Perfume Shop.