On my wrist

Yannick: Rolex DateJust II tow tone 41 on my wrist everyday. Always loved tow toned watches because they are more versatile.

Soké: I use the sun to know the time. I never enjoyed having something around my wrists, feels like handcuffs. But, when I buy a watch for my collection, the first one will be a rose gold Rolex Cosmograph Daytona.

In my sights

Yannick: Watches — time is money, but I lose my money on buying time. How stupid is that?

Soké: I practise visualization. Ever since I could remember, I was picturing myself rolling up in a black Benz. I researched the different models and the E400 felt right for my first purchase. It’s a trophy for my 20 years of struggle and hard work.

Holiday essentials? A bluetooth speaker, incense and condoms

In my wardrobe

Yannick: Balenciagas, Kuwualatee jackets (amazing Montreal brand). Check em out!

Soké: I was aggressively looking for a colourful and loud two-piece suit to balance out my introverted personality. So, I found a Special Edition Nike Tracksuit with tropical flora on it.

On my travels

Yannick: Tow pairs of headphones, one noise-cancelling for the plane, and my mixing headphones. Hangover pills (that don't really work) if nights are getting wild. Melatonin for the jetlag.

Soké: Books, swim suit, essential oils, a bluetooth speaker, incense and condoms.

In my dreams

Yannick: A big eco dome with a rain forest inside it to make home feel like Guadeloupe

Soké: A private resort on a small island turned into an eco-community. It’s a vision!

In my past

Yannick: My toy duck from when I was five (CoinCoin).

Soké: I don’t get attached to material stuff.

We want to party at Buckingham Palace and turn the F up with the Queen

On my agenda

Both: Throw a party at Buckingham Palace and turn the F up with the Queen.

In my future

Both: We are excited about working in new territories – Germany, Latin America, South Korea, Africa!! We’re also expanding the business side of Banx & Ranx.

On my bucket list

Yannick: Enjoy life the way I do until I die.

Soké: A random trip in a random tropical country with the gang gang and swimming with sharks.

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