Buster + Punch started life in a small garage in East London, and has grown to become a global home style label, now with a showroom in Stockholm as well as London.

Famous for all manner of daring designs from lighting and hardware to custom motorcycles and whisky bars, all pieces take their design cues from London’s music, fashion and subculture scenes.

Does the above bar look pretty rock’n’roll to you?

Well, you’re halfway there – it’s actually called the Popstar, but is based on the brand’s original Rockstar bar.

The revamped piece is made from black oak and features a quilted leather back panel, white marble mixing platform (or ‘stage’ if you’re really getting into the spirit of things), and is basically the ultimate piece of kit for anyone who likes to mix a great G&T when they get home from work.

So that’ll be everyone, then.

Priced at £2,550; for more info, see Buster and Punch