Affordable British footwear that doesn’t compromise on quality?

Christmas has come very, very early indeed. (Or marginally late, depending on your perspective.)

Cody & Co is the new company that combines British craftsmanship with Italian design to create a selection of shoes that will serve you well on any occasion.

Founded by Phil Cody, an entrepreneur with 20 years in the industry, Cody & Co’s AW19 collection ranges from Chelsea boots to casual trainers and suede loafers.

Products are crafted in Sheffield using the finest Italian leather. The brand’s logo of chains, flames and anvil pays homage to Sheffield’s steelmaking heritage.

We caught up with Cody to discuss the business and his plans for 2020…

I love the Handley Chelsea Boot – we chose the industry leading Janus calf suede from Steads and Co.

What inspired you to found Cody & Co? 

I wanted to make premium shoes in the UK using high grade materials. I felt that there was an opportunity to create a brand that was more fashion leaning than the heritage brands.

What can consumers expect from C&C footwear?

A considered product that gets better with wear, premium materials and progressive last shapes, more aligned to a continental look and feel.

Is there a particular design you'd like to spotlight?

In our launch season I love the Handley Chelsea Boot – we chose the industry leading Janus calf suede from Steads and Co. of Leeds because of its weight and perfect velvety surface. This enabled us to strip back the internals of the boot to leave only a simple soft powder blue nappa leather lining. The result is a boot that feels like a sock when you put it on: unbelievably soft and highly versatile.

Are there any brands you took inspiration from?

I am a big fan of Officine Creative, their product appears as though they have pulled it to pieces and only half put it back together, leaving a naked feeling product where the shape does all the talking.

What are your ambitions for 2020 – and beyond?

To spread the word, get Cody & Co out to the wider UK public and overseas by telling our story and developing product that our customers want and need.

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