The real reason Braun watches have stood the test of time is their design team's ethos and ‘less but better’ philosophy.

In 1989 the brand launched its first analogue wristwatch, the AW 10. This was followed by the AW 50 two years later in 1991. With the launch of these two iconic watches, Braun’s chief designers Dietrich Lubs and Dieter Rams wanted to reflect their vision of creating a watch that displayed the time in the most functional way possible, embodying everything the Braun watch collection's design stood for.

Thirty years later, off the back of the recently launched AW 10 EVO model, Braun says its unique approach to creating timeless pieces is down to its core design principles. 

 According to Lubs, who acted as the project lead and main designer when it came to the redesign, this new model signified a kind of evolution for the brand's watch collection.

“For this project, it was very important to preserve the history and character of the original AW 10. The basic idea was to follow a classic, mathematical and clear geometry – with the case enlargement being a nod towards watch trend progression,” he said.

Rams departed from the company he helped to make a household name in 1995.

Richard Benc, product manager for Braun timepieces, said: “Dietrich’s methodical approach and his passion to achieve functional design was at the forefront during each stage of the evolution project. It has been a privilege to work with such a renowned designer and a true legend of the design industry.”

And Braun continues to go from strength to strength. After launching The Chronograph watch earlier this year, dubbed the contemporary interpretation of Braun’s core brand values and design philosophy, the brand was awarded the prestigious iF Design Award for 2019. 

The Chronograph features a consistent profile, accentuated by the seamless integration of the highly technically crafted steel case and molded leather strap. A concave dial paired with the double domed lens means light can refract and reflect within the watch dial, increasing the legibility of the slim black hands.

The movement in this watch is a meca-quartz one, which uses quartz technology for the main functions and a mechanical module for operating the chronograph.

The dial also showcases some of Braun’s most iconic design elements in the form of a central yellow chronograph hand and red chevron date indicator.

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