Hey! Welcome! Come into my humble abode. 

(You're asymptomatic, right?) 

We may be on lockdown but that doesn't mean we can't have fun! And oh, what fun we'll have. So. Much. Fun. 

Later, I'll show you my collection of drinks cabinets, but first – check out some of my board games! 

From backgammon to Scrabble, you can't NOT have fun playing one of these. 

Please don't touch anything.  

Alice In Wonderland Chess Set

Luxury board games

“Funky chess set!”

That’s more than a funky chess set, my friend. That’s a hand-painted, one-of-a-kind creation from internationally renowned artist Sophie Matisse.

You may have heard of her great-grandfather, Henri Matisse, one of the leading figures of modern art. A Big Name On Canvas, so to speak.

Anyway, this Alice In Wonderland chess set was exhibited at the World Chess Hall of Fame - yours for a mere £14,000.

Careful with that tea.

£14,000; Purling London

Alexandra Llewellyn x Tom Hammick Backgammon Set 

Luxury board games

True story: me and my pal went on holiday a couple of weeks ago, and we became obsessed with backgammon. Learned the rules one evening, and ended up playing it for four days straight.

Now ours was a fairly standard backgammon set: unlike this backgammon set, a collaboration between Alexandra Llewellyn and British painter Tom Hammick.

It features hand-crafted marquetry interiors and exteriors, and a range of woods such as Ziricote, Black Walnut, Rosewood and fumed Eucalyptus (my favourite type of wood).

In two months we’ll chop it up for kindling; right now, I love it more than my Mum (who makes a decent cup of tea but lousy kindling, luckily for her).

£18,000; Alexandra Llewellyn

Berluti Go Set

Luxury board games

“Go? Where?”

No: Go! The famously difficult Chinese game of strategy that involves moving stones around a board to capture more territory than your opponent.

This particular board is made from brown leather and brushed stainless steel, and the stones come in white and black glass. There are 360 stones in total. Last week I sneezed next to it, and there went my morning. 

“I’ll be careful. What are the rules, exactly?”

Let’s move on.

£4,700; Mr Porter 

Alligator Skin Monopoly Set

Luxury board games

The funny thing about this Monopoly set is that we could play for real money, and I could land on your hotel on Mayfair six consecutive turns, and I’d still be paying you a fraction of what I paid for the set itself.

“Why? How much did…”

£700,000. I paid £700,000 for this Monopoly set. It’s made from sterling silver, hand-embossed leather, and alligator skin.

“Alligator skin?!”

Yep. Alligator skin. From an actual alligator. Hardcore, right?

“Very hardcore! Did you kill the alligator yourself?”

... No.

£700,000; Geoffrey Parker

Asprey Leather Scrabble Set

Luxury board games

Hey? You know what’s N-I-F-T-Y (11 points)? This Hannover leather scrabble set from Asprey.

“Yeah, that is nifty! What are the S-P-E-C-S (11 points)?

That’s an abbreviation of specifications. Doesn’t count. As for the set, it’s made from leather, obviously, and the board is backed with purple silk that rests on a convenient rotating disc. Pretty S-T-Y-L-I-S-H (13 points), no?

“Oh yeah. It’s certainly better than my old J-U-K-E-B-O-X (231 points).”

What? Jukebox only scores 27 points!

“Plus 50-point bonus for using all my ties...”

That’s still only 77...

“I landed on a triple-word square.”

Get out of my flat.

£9,000; Mr Porter